Main Features:

  • The FT3405 and FT3406 has a detection distance 2.5 times greater than its HIOKI predecessor, extending the distance from moving parts for added safety.
  • The red LED lets you continuously focus on the measurement spot even when testing from afar.
  • Testers are built tough to withstand a 1-meter drop onto a concrete floor.
  • IP50 dust-proof structure makes the Tacho HiTesters tough against the dirt and dust that are unavoidable in field environments.
  • By using the optional Z5003 contact adapter, the FT3405 and FT3406 become contact-type tachometers.
  • With the built-in analog output and pulse output functions, you can record the variations in rotation by connecting the Tacho HiTester to a recorder or data logger. Use an AC adapter with the FT3406 for long- term measurements.



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